UFT88 Read at the Federal Univeristy of Parana Brazil

This university was founded in 1912 and is ranked 515 in the world by webometrics, 601 – 800 by Times. It has over 30,000 students. UFT88 is currently being read 2,099 times a year from combined sites and comes up on the first page of google with reasonable choice of keywords. It has been read in all the best universities in the world for a decade, without a single objection. It includes torsion in the second Bianchi identity and has been developed in UFT99, UFT109, UFT313, and indirectly UFT354. All these papers show that neglect of torsion is incorrect. So the entire structure of Einsteinian general relativity has collapsed. The teaching of standard physics still goes on, but it is known that its bad parts are meaningless.

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