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Many thanks, this will be very useful. It would be very interesting for you to fly up to Unst in the Shetland Islands. I described Mull and Iona in the Hebrides in Autobiography volume two. Unfortunately it looks as if the Ross of Mull is going to be plastered by wind turbines. These islands have the most wind, but even then wind turbines are a lunatic way of trying to address the energy shortage. Energy from spacetime and the Osamu Ide circuit changes everything for the better.

Will make a list as soon as I can. Just had an invite to a Scotland Policy Conference Keynote Seminar, “Priorities for the new energy strategy in Scotland” so the invites are becoming firmly established now.

On the island of Unst (the most northern Island I believe) there is a study under way using hydrogen powered cars. They make the hydrogen by the hydrolysis of water using no energy from the national grid of course. They modify cars to run on hydrogen rather than petrol / diesel. It will be interesting to see how successful (and safe etc) this is. As you know, when you burn hydrogen only water is produced so no pollution. If ST energy could be used to produce hydrogen then a completely sustainable transport sector, in terms of fuel, could evolve. Something for the future.

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Subject: More Conference Invitations, Bulgaria (EU) 2017

This is another conference invitation, one of many for AIAS / UPITEC.

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Subj: Conference Invitation, Bulgaria (EU) 2017

Dear Colleague,

We have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in conferences, part of International Scientific Events 2017, to be held in Hotel “Royal Castle” *****, Elenite Holiday Village on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast (EU).

Conferences in June
Agriculture & Food, 5th International Conference (20-24 Jun) Read more
Ecology & Safety, 26th International Conference (23-27 Jun) Read more
Materials, Methods & Technologies, 19th International Conference (26-30 Jun) Read more

Conferences in September
Economy & Business, 16th International Conference (1-5 Sep) Read more
Education, Research & Development, 8th International Conference (4-8 Sep) Read more
Language, Individual & Society, 11th International Conference (7-11 Sep) Read more

Annually our events connect scientists and researchers from over 60 countries.
The papers presented will be published in open-access journals, part of International Scientific Publications.
Certificate of publication and presentation will be provided.

Organized by Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Union of Scientists in Bulgaria, Science & Education Foundation and partners.

Please note: registration deadline extension applies when registering from this address.

Best regards,
International Scientific Events, Bulgaria

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