Osamu Ide Circuit Awarded Patents

The importance of these patents cannot be overestimated. They have been awarded Japanese Patent 5587691 and U. S. patent 8.873.262B2, both dated 2015. AIAS / UPITEC Fellow Osamu Ide has applied for patents in European countries. The circuit is described in UFT311, UFT321 and UFT364, it takes energy from spacetime, and is described perfectly by ECE theory in UFT311. UFT321 develops the circuit theory, and UFT364 replicates the circuit perfectly using independent test apparatus. This is partly why I have nominated AIAS / UPITEC for six gold medals of the Institute of Physics. Millions of these circuits can be assembled into a power station, and of course they can be used directly for domestic devices and in any situation where electric power is needed. They will bring about the second industrial revolution described by AIAS / UPITEC Fellow Dr. Steve Bannister in his Ph. D. Thesis on www.aias.us (from the Department of Economics, University of Utah). Governments up to Head of State seniority regularly consult www.aias.us and www.upitec.org, and should ensure that these circuits are assembled into power stations as soon as humanly possible. Any remaining resistance from the oil industry or wind industry lobbyists and cabals should be eliminated by Governments using anti trust laws. As AIAS Fellow Michael Jackson points out, this is a matter of survival, because the entire planet will be destroyed otherwise. Coal and oil must be conserved for making myriads of products, e.g. clothes, medicines and so on. A little coal can be used for domestic purposes.

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