Dumbbell simulation

Many thanks, very interesting! As requested I have just sent over the results for a gyroscope subjected to a force applied directly against the force of gravity to the point of the gyro, so that it lifts the point of the gyro. I suggest that we start the study of the Milankovitch cycles with the lagrangian (2) of Note 370(1). This will give independent rotational and translational motions of the earth, but to start with, these will be very interesting in themselves. An asymmetric top model can be used in general, in which there are three principal moments of inertia. Then I can begin to explore the use of a non central potential, Eq. (16) of Note 370(1), the idea being to find a way of dealing with the influence of the orbital motion of the earth on its own nutations and precessions. I think that this is what the complete Milankovitch obervations need for their description.

To: EMyrone@aol.com
Sent: 09/02/2017 11:02:48 GMT Standard Time
Subj: dumbbell simulation

It seems that the coordinates of the centre of mass and the dumbell
rotation decouple. This could be the reason for the strange results of
the moments of inertia approach. Will send over the results in the


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