Wind 8.38%, 4 – 47 mph, Wales 5 – 11 mph, 0708 local time

The wind speed in the Betws area now is 7 mph, so the already derelict follies known as “wind turbines” are as usual producing nothing at all at the cost of millions in subsidies, because it takes 7 – 9 mph to start them. The high wind at 47 mph is over the Shetlands, and at that wind speed the turbines have to be shut down to prevent damage. So the wind industry is the worst fiasco in industrial and environmental history. This is tax payers’ money completely wasted and should be paid back by the developers. They should also pay for cleaning up the environment and be prosecuted for gross damage. Coal and nuclear are again at maximum capacity, gas is approaching maximum as the peak demand approaches in about an hour’s time. So wind turbines have not changed the pattern of energy production at all. It is the same as before wind turbines: gas, coal and nuclear. Biomass is based on old coal fired power stations.

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