Wind 4.34%, 0 – 26 mph, Wales 2 – 10 mph 0652 local time

The average wind speed in the Betws turbine area today is a spectacular 2 mph, so the already derelict turbines are producing nothing as usual (7 – 9 mph needed to start them). They are grotesquely ugly, a metaphor for mindless greed, they destroy ancient civilization. So Mynydd y Gwair, if let through, will completely destroy another large area of unique ecology in order to provide a brainless absentee aristocrat with money. This is a complete failure of government at all levels, and a disaster for democracy. Coal and nuclear are flat out now in an attempt to meet the demand. Coal is nearly at full capacity, pouring carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon disulphide and other pollutants into the atmosphere. Hydro is a negligible 1.8% but should be at close to 100% simply by using the thirty foot tide four miles from here. ES (energy from spacetime) and LENR (low energy nuclear reactors) are proven technologies and should already be coming on line, but it looks as if they are being stopped by mindless cabal resistance of some kind. Ensuring profit for the very few also ensures starvation for millions every year, and the eventual extinction of humankind. A ruthless genocide as pointed out by Michael Jackson of Texas. UNESCO and UNICEF should protest strongly at this.

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