PS to Weather Report

The reason why demand is so high is that there is a frost combined with conditions of low wind. I get up several hours before dawn and just looked out of the window at first light. There is heavy frost and the trees are completely still. Wind turbines are totally and completely useless when they are most needed, so that coal and nuclear are being run flat out, and gas is nearing its full capacity. Hydro would not be affected at all by the weather. The sea never freezes over at these latitudes. Demand now is 45.10 gigawatts. A large tidal lagoon would generate the entire demand. China generates thousands of gigawatts from hydro, and the U. S. and Canada hundreds of gigawatts. Britain and Ireland haves over six thousand islands, large tides, and plenty of hydro capacity if implemented. Wind is generating 2.29 gigawatts and hydro a pathetic 0.93 gigawatts. Hydro, ES and LENR could generate the entire demand in a very clean way.

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