Poetry Very Popular in up to 182 Countries

The feedback shows that my poetry in various forms (written and narrated by Robert Cheshire and myself) is getting to be very popular in both languages in up to 182 countries. I just sent a copy of the main book to Emyr Lewis, chaired and crowned bard, so if there is a mistake in the cynghanedd I will be boiled in oil (in humour). When Saunders Lewis and two others burned down an aircraft establishment in the thirties they discussed the finer points of cynghanedd with a policeman they met on the way, and asked him for the loan of a box of matches. He was sacked from UC Swansea, imprisoned for a while, later a professor at Bangor and founder of Plaid Cymru. A fine poet in his own right. So was the policeman, who got carried away.

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