Wind 13.94%, 1 – 27 mph, Wales 2 – 15 mph, 0646 local time

The wind speed in the Betws wind turbine area now is 2 mph, not enough to blow over a blade of grass. So the “wind turbines” are again producing nothing, after only two days of dismally low production. Obviously they were the result of grotesque corruption and malfeasance and should come under a Parliamentary enquiry. They have ruined the environment and rare ecology. Mynydd y Gwair, if let through, would be another fiasco because it is on the same plateau, in fact lower down, so the wind speed would be even less than Betws. Mynydd y Gwair is due to the primitive mediaeval greed of a foreign aristocrat, my distant cousin the Duke of Beaufort. The latter is descended from Trahaearn ap Gwgon (born 1130), and I am descended from his brother Cydifor ap Gwgon (born 1133), Arglwydd Glyn Tawe. Attached is the definitive genealogy. Trahaearn was murdered in the Feni Massacre by Guillaume de Briouze. Prince Llewelyn Fawr ap Iorwerth exacted revenge for these murders later on, and in 1485 my Tudor ancestral cousins took the crown of England at Bosworth (1485), with the help of Lancastrians and the French. Feni Castle was reduced to rubble by my ancestral cousin Oliver Cromwell. The Commonwealth of 1649 distributed the land of Mawr fairly in 1650, but Beaufort eventually took everything, extracting every drop of profit he could from the working classes. I have filed a petition for a Land Act with Sia^n Ifan to take back all the land stolen from the Welsh people over the centuries.


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