FOR POSTING: Scientometrics from 30th April 2004 to Present, A Brief Analysis

The scientometrics are well known throughout the world of physics and engineering and record about 2% of the vast readership: universities, institutes and similar. The main conclusions are as follows.
1) The ECE theory has been accepted by several professions as a new school of thought that makes much of the standard model of physics completely obsolete.
2) Our distance teaching methods mean that we teach and distribute our research results at all the best universities in the world, including the world’s top twenty, results for which are given in volume two from 2004 to present.
3) By extrapolation it is seen that the theory will be studied for the foreseeable future, assuming that humankind survives the energy crisis. It can only do this by elimination of fossil fuel cabals and implementation of proven circuits (UFT311, UFT321, UFT364) by emergency mass production and free distribution to the poor.
4) It is seen that 98% of the readership originates from outside the sector that I identify as “universities, institutes and similar”. This is a historic result because it means that the academic sector has become irrelevant. It is no longer the vessel of ineluctable wisdom, and in fact, never was.
5) All the work on and is read all the time, the blog of is read all the time.
6) Assuming that the best in the world works at the world’s best universities (by no means certain any more) the scientometrics show that over time all our UFT papers are studied at all the best universities all the time. The study never stops and takes place in up to 182 countries. The great majority are third world countries in which millions die of starvation every year.
7) The scientometrics show actual readings of the work and are much more meaningful than academic citations restricted to the journals of the obsolete standard model. The latter occur only if one chooses to publish in journals. That is a thoroughly obsolete, narrowly based, system. It has become well known that these journals censor important new ideas and try to harm the progress of thought.
8) The open source system has been a spectacular success. Once the ideas are made freely available they are devoured by minds hungry for knowledge.
9) “On resiste a les invasion des armees; on ne resiste pas a l’invasion des idees.” (Victor Hugo).




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