Wind 20.89%, 5 – 35 mph, Wales 9 – 25 mph, 0612 local time.

The average wind speed in the Betws area now is 9 mph according to the online met office wind map. So the turbines are again producing nothing, even in the middle of a windy warm front. They need 7 – 9 mph to start. So they should be demolished as soon as possible and the bill sent to those who took the money and ran. Work should start immediately on hydroelectric tidal lagoons and other water turbine devices before the power cuts begin. Even in the windiest conditions in six months, coal and nuclear are still near maximum capacity now (see in real time) and the demand at this time in the morning, 0612, is nowhere near the peak demand. So wind turbines are a catastrophic failure, they save nothing on coal and gas or nuclear, and never produce more than about 20%, even in the windiest conditions. Hydro could produce 100% of demand within a decade, with plenty of power for export.

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