To Audit Office: Creditors’ Liquidation of Mawr Development Trust

Audit Office,
Welsh Assembly

As the only Armiger in Mawr and surrounding areas, and a Civil List Pensioner appointed by the Head of State directly, I am gravely concerned about the numerous accounts irregularities for which the Mawr Community Council was reprimanded in 2011 and again in 2015, and also with the liquidation of the related Mawr Development Trust in 2016. Can the Audit Office send me a complete record of accounts of the Council and the Trust by e mail? I did not receive a reply from Stones in Swansea, so it is not known why the Trust went bankrupt and the extent of its debts. It is not known how taxpayers’ money has been used. It was a creditors’ liquidation, so a lot of money was owed to creditors. I do not think that those responsible should be shielded from a thorough Parliamentary enquiry. It is known that the County Councillor was forced to resign from the Community Council along with some Councillors, and that all members of the Council were signed on without opposition. This is a completely unsatisfactory state of affairs. I agree with your public statement that the Council has failed the electorate. It is still not clear whether the accounts are now in order. There were about fifty irregularities which went on for at least four years. This is appalling. I have had occasion to make complaints to the Ombudsman against the County Councillor, so have others. On one occasion the Ombudsman agreed with some aspects of my complaint but there was no enquiry. I will make several other complaints in the near future.

Dr. Myron Evans,
President AIAS

cc M.P. for Gower,
Prime Minister’s Office.

Creditors’ Liquidation of Mawr Development Trust

Stones and Company,
Insolvency Practitioners,
63 Walter Road,

Can you please advise me of the amount of money owed to the creditors by the company when it was dissolved, and who were the creditors? Its liquidation was a creditors’ liquidation, meaning that the company could not pay its debts. How were these debts incurred and for what reason? Its assets included Cwmgors Welsh medium School, a cafe near the Lliw Reservoir, and Gerazim Baptist Chapel. The sale of the chapel caused very great offence, and fortunately it has been bought by someone who will look after it. It was sold in a remote pub. The Baptists do not approve of drinking. This company was a complete failure, and had no relevance to Welsh speaking Mawr. Its place of registration was Felindre Welfare Hall, which suggests that it was linked to Mawr Community Council. The County Councillor for Mawr was forced to resign from the Community Council and the Planning Committee of the County Council. He was heavily criticized by his electorate in a meeting held at Elim Baptist Chapel, and in my opinion should resign as County Councillor. If not, he should certainly be voted out at the next election and a much younger Welsh speaker elected.

Myron Evans

(Dr. M. W. Evans, Gent., Civil List Pensioner, D. Sc. (Wales), 50 Rhyddwen Road, Craig Cefn Parc)
Co president AIAS

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