FOR POSTING: Feedback Back to 2002

This shows a sustained and intense international interest in the work of AIAS / UPITEC over fifteen years. Also attached are graphs showing the rapid growth of interest in ECE to a very high plateau (2003 to 2005, when I was appointed directly by the British Head of State as a Civil List Pensioner). This is by far the highest impact of any small research group in the world. The narrow citation system of academic physics has been made completely obsolete and has been replaced by far more detailed and meaningful scientometrics, reaching a much broader based readership than academia. These scientometrics or filtered statistics concentrate on only 2% of the vast readership (universities, institutes and similar) and are also intensely studied all over the world. Combined sites and are archived on the Wayback Machine ( and in the British and Irish Copyright libraries on using Wayback Machine software in real time. They have been selected for display in the reading rooms as sites of merit in science and culture. The blog is also archived, together with all the essay broadcasts and animation on youtube. I am the most prolific contemporary author in physics and chemistry, (having produced about two thousand papers and books and 26,000 postings) so the entire output is now safely archived, along with my work in literature, genealogy, history and photography. The work of AIAS / UPITEC and myself has been nominated about fifty times for the major prizes, including the Nobel Prize. In due course I will receive a nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize. Diolch yn fawr i Aled Betts a Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru!




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