FOR POSTING: Book of Scientometrics Volume Two Updated to 31/1/17

For combined sites and there were 27,972 distinct visits, 131,368 hits, 19.356 gigabytes downloaded, 81,406 page views and 2,149 documents read from 112 countries, led by USA, Germany, Czechia, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Russian Federation, Britain, ……. There were visits from twelve of the top twenty universities in the world (* denotes repeated visits): UCLA, ETH*, Cambridge*, Berkeley, Princeton, Oxford, Stanford, Texas A and M, Washington State, Imperial*, Penn State and NU Singapore. Therefore our distance teaching methods are firmly established among the best in the world, and our methods of publishing the results of our research are also firmly accepted. Our work is well known to be of the highest quality. This is a strategic challenge to the bad parts of the standard model of physics, much of which is obsolete and should no longer be publicly funded.


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