Checking Final Version of Note 369(7)

Checking Final Version of Note 369(7)

Many thanks again, all is OK because the units of L sub phi r dot / (m r squared) are kgm m per second m squared per second / (kgm m squared) = m per second squared. These look like very interesting equations.

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Subj: Re: Final Version of Note 369(7)

I checked the note. There is only one point: In eq.(29) it seems that a factor of phi dot is missing in the first term. I myself prefer the “canonical” form with second derivatives at the lhs, see sect. 4 of the attachment. The phi equation can be rewritten with the constant of motion L_phi, then it takes the form %o20.

Checking eq.(29) of the note required a number of re-arrangements, it can be seen that the first term of (29) contains only one time derivative while the others all contain two time derivatives which gives an inconsistency in physical units.


Am 02.02.2017 um 13:21 schrieb EMyrone:

This corrects typo’s in Eqs. (19), (21) and (28).


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