Lawsuit against Trolls for $10 million

This has been filed by James Woods in the Superior Court of California and has been allowed to proceed by the Court. The complete suit is online. It was on the basis of one false anonymous allegation. It was a John Doe lawsuit. Punitive damages in the U. S. can be anything from $100 million to over a billion dollars. The Moreno family has been awarded $1.4 million against a troll. A John Doe suit is filed against an anonymous troll. A troll site that makes numerous death threats (recorded in evidence) and contains many wildly pejorative and defamatory comments is liable to punitive damages of about $100 million or more – called blockbuster damages in the States. For example $150 million in damages have been awarded for tobacco harm. Under the malicious communications act of 1988 in England and Wales it is a criminal offence to post a message that is grossly offensive, contains threats such as death threats, and which contains false allegations such as allegations of mental illness that have been proven by medial opinion to be false. If this abuse is repeated many times, punitive damages are in order. It is also a series of criminal offences. Anonymity will not protect the troll. The professional way to criticise a scientist is to prepare a manuscript, and send it to the scientist, allowing plenty of time for a reply. There must be no anonymity, no name calling, and no abuse. Troll sites are wildly unethical and if an academic uses a troll site, a complaint can be lodged for academic misconduct. Compounding death threats is a criminal offence as well as academic misconduct. I am a U. S. citizen and can consult the California lawyers who filed the lawsuit for James Woods. Class actions can be filed on a contingency basis. In 2013 the European Court of Human Rights found that anonymous trolling is actionable. The carrier is not immune. I support the view that trolling against forms of new energy is a form of genocide, because without new energy, life on earth will vanish. Such laws should be added to the ICC in the Hague and to the Rome Statute on genocide. It is overwhelmingly important never to respond to a troll, keep all the evidence of their activity in a pdf file and give the compete pdf file to the authorities.

cc Police Commissioner.
Trustees, Newlands Family Trust

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