A Prophet in the Back Yard

I agree with Gareth when it comes to the University of Wales administration. That is all described in Autobiography Volume Two, a “best seller” except that it is all free. The ideal of the 1893 Eisteddfod has been corrupted to such an extent that no Principal is able to speak Welsh and the international performances of Aberystwyth, Bangor and Swansea are abysmal. Cardiff is a little bit better. The last significant Principals at Aberystwyth were Prof. Sir Thomas Parry and Sir Goronwy Daniel. I would like to see the ideals of the 1893 Eisteddfod revived so that a Welsh medium University is created by people within Welsh speaking Wales. I discussed this recently with staff at the National Library. Of course I deny and reject the corrupt practices that ruined the EDCL for decent people, and also ruined their lives. The ordinary Welsh speakers of Wales (the silent majority) would feel the same as Gareth and myself. So I have no confidence in such a system. The President of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Dominic Tildesley, also left the university system and once described it to me as “mad”. We were both in Rowlinson’s group at Oxford. I am not so critical of universities, when they work, but I notice that the establishment does not admit to the fact that the standard model of physics is in tatters. The readership of AIAS/ UPITEC knows better. There is a vast invisible college that makes the establishment feel very jumpy.

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