Marc 6.4

This is Marc 6.4. In the 1620 William Morgan version it is as follows: “Nid yw proffwyd yn ddibris ond yn ei wlad ei hun, ac ymhlith ei genedl ei hun, ac yn ei dy^ ei hun.” This was translated from the Greek and Hebrew by Dr. William Morgan and other scholars, without using Latin, and funded by my ancestral cousin, the Gentlewoman Blanche Parry. It was approved by my ancestral cousin Elizabeth 1st Tudor. It is supremely brilliant prose. Everyone agrees about that, whatever their views on theology. I can translate it into modern English as follows: “A prophet is without worth only in his own country, among his own people, and in his own house.” This is after Nazareth rejected the new Christianity. My direct ancestor Caradog ap Bran, King of the Silurians, did not. However, I don’t feel like this at all, and never did, there are only a few bigots, and there were only one or two bigots in the EDCL. To me things are simple, I write my papers or poetry and they are read all over the world. I am glad that universities take an interest and that the group is going so well. Tomorrow I hope that discussions with Elfed Roberts, Chief Executive of the National Eisteddfod, will go well. It is up to the ordinary people of Wales, as always, to keep their language and culture. There is a copy of the William Morgan bible in Elim, and I will apply to join in order to safeguard it. My own grandfather was primarily responsible for the chapel as Prif Ddiacon, Head Deacon, and read the same bible from the same lectern. He was the one who organized the building of the organ. Every Baptist chapel, as you know, is self governing, the local council has no right to interfere in its governance, neither does Crown or Parliament. A true Baptist rejects all secular interference in the authority of intellect. Universities have no authority over the freedom of the mind, no one has.

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Your contributions are uniquely brilliant (your marvellous baby as Santini called it) and your genius is appreciated in most places these days leaving only that “never a prophet in your own land” to be completely broken down now.

By the way, I intended to suggest that Santini be invited to become an AIAS Fellow (even a Technical Director at a later date if the Board agrees). The more technologists on board the better.

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