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This is a new feature of the daily report, which shows that our distance teaching method is an outstanding success. There are over a thousand new referrals every week, and the top ten referring domains currently total 2,203,652 since December 2006. Total referrals are over three million. Therefore ECE unified field theory is now standard physics in its own right. It is taught alongside the older physics. There are some good parts of the older physics of course, notably the elegant Euler Lagrange analytical mechanics, the Schroedinger equation, molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo computer simulation and so on. A lot of the older standard model is now well known to be obsolete and erroneous. Funding of erroneous physics should of course be stopped, just as funding of wind turbines should be stopped. This does not happen because the government is not strong enough to defeat the lobbyists who essentially fund themselves, give themselves prizes, jobs and honours and so on. This is the human condition, it has always been like this. Things are usually changed by a sudden crisis, such as famine, pestilence or war.

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