Archiving the Youtube Material of AIAS / UPITEC on the Wayback Machine

I would like to ask Michael Jackson and other computer experts of the team whether our Youtube material is archived on the Wayback Machine and / or backed up . I am thinking of the Evans / Pelkie animation and the hundred and twenty or so essay broadcasts on youtube. It is obviously important to keep, and permanently visible for the indefinite future, and multiple back ups should be made in several different localities. They are the new standard physics. The Wayback Machine has petabytes of data, and I assume that their data is backed up. The sooner the British and Irish copyright libraries catch up with the Wayback Machine the better, because the will be backups in several different places, all using Wayback Machine software (British Library, Bodleian Library Oxford, Universit yof Cambridge Library, National Libraries of Scotland and Wales, and in Ireland the Library of Trinity College Dublin).

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