369(1): Complete Analytical Mechanics of the Gyroscope

The geometry is defined in Figure(1), and in general the gyroscope’s point is allowed to move with respect to the centre of the earth. So the point can move up or down. The analytical problem reduces to the simultaneous solution of four differential equations, (17) to (19) and (32). The first three are the same as in UFT368, for the pure rotational motion of the gyro. They are supplemented by Eq. (32) for the motion of R, where R is the distance between the point of the gyro and the centre of the Earth. Eq. (32) is the necessary link between the rotational and translation motions of the gyro. In the replicated Laithwaite experiment the point of the gyro (the common origins of (1, 2, 3) and (X, Y, Z)) is held at the height of Laithwaite’s arm.


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