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Many thanks to the UPITEC President, Dr. Horst Eckardt. I will study this part of Maxwell in detail. I think that the problem has already been solved however in UFT311, 321 and 364. The energy from spacetime circuits are repeatable and reproducible and ready for mass production. The circuit is described exactly in UFT311 by a suitable spin connection. In UFT364 it is shown to be repeatable, and is also reproducible.

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This hint where Maxwell proposes coupling terms between electrical and mechanical kinetic energy is quite interesting. Perhaps any AIAS member can look into the original text, I do not have the time currently. The effect of spin connections for extracting energy from the vacuum is a bit tricky because these show up only in cases where discontinuities in fields are present (see Lindstrom-Eckardt papers). Perhaps Maxwell should have investigated such a case experimentally.


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Dear Dr. Santini,

Thank you for your kind and very interesting comments comments. I considered a lagrangian approach in UFT6. As you know it is possible to derive the Maxwell Heaviside field equations from a lagrangian, and also to derive the Proca equation for finite photon mass. The Poynting Theorem is also changed in ECE theory, and I will carefully consider your reference to Maxwell. It depends on how the interaction of fields with the circuit is developed by Maxwell. In general we look for effects that are not present in the standard model. In UFT311 and UFT364 the ECE theory is used to describe a circuit that takes energy from spacetime. The circuit is reproducible and repeatable. As you know, Maxwell used Hamilton’s quaternions and produced an intricate set of equations which were made practicable by Heaviside, whose contribution was as important as that of Maxwell. I will ask the AIAS / UPITEC team to look at your reference to Maxwell in order to see whether we can translate Maxwell’s language to spin connections. In my opinion circuits such as these are the only means of trying to safeguard energy production for humankind.

Cordially Yours,

Myron Evans

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Subj: ECE and Maxwell

Dear Professor Evans,

let me first congratulate with the outcomes of your ECE theory. You succeeded in unifying thru the beauty and elegance of geometry what the Orthodox scientific establishment, lost in dogmatic XVII century-like positions, was unable to do for a hundred years.

You wrote at the beginning of your ECE theory book: “Everything is cool and in the light of reason, everything is geometry”.

Now I would add: “…everything is geometry and energy”. As far as I have understood Einstein general relativity theory needs energy in any case to create the geometrically curved space-time.

In similar manner the twisted Cartan space-time of electromagnetism is created by the energy of the “vacuum”.

Being an engineer I’m mostly attracted by the practical applications of your revolutionary theory and especially by the possibility to extract energy from the vacuum.

The existence of devices capable of performing this kind of energy conversion has already been solidly demonstrated and only the blind scientific establishment (and the industries, but for other reasons) is still denying its very existence. But this is not so much important, the time will judge where is the truth.

You magisterially showed that MH equations need an improvement and some missing terms need to be introduced once the spin connection is taken into account. In particular the electric field strength need the addition of two more terms connected with the vector and scalar field connections, while the magnetic flux density needs the addition of one more them function of the vector spin connection. The introduction of such terms allow solution of the equations with resonances with the space-time, thus justifying the possibility to extract power from the vacuum.

After reading your above achievements, I decided to go back to Maxwell’s 1873 treatise and especially to that genial part where he sorts out his equations from Lagrange’s equations.

I’m sure that you must know better than me the path followed by Maxwell, but I would like to direct your attention on a detail: Maxwell, while is deriving a general expression for the total energy associated to the EMG interaction between circuits, in chapter 6 of part 4 of the Treatise asks himself if there exist a mixed term of the kinetic energy containing the product of the velocities of two coordinates of which one is x (associated to mechanical movement of circuits) and the other is y (associated with currents).

He later on sets up two experiments that demonstrate that such a mixed term of the kinetic energy seems not existing and so they will not be part of the final equations.

Now I’ve not yet been able to demonstrate it, but I’m convinced that such term neglected by Maxwell is exactly related to the spin connection (vector and scalar) that brings to your ECE upgraded Maxwell equations on electric field strength and magnetic flux density. I just think that Maxwell experimental apparatus was not perfect enough in order to detect such “second order” effects that maybe will save the world in the incoming years.

Please give me your opinion on this point, I think it could be worth one day in the future to show this neglected aspect of Maxwell theory.

At the end Maxwell equations come from an application of Lagrange’s equations, i.e. an approach based on energy and geometry that neglects any hidden and intimate mechanism of the nature of the ether/vacuum. I think, at least in this aspect, ECE and Maxwell theories are very similar.

All the best for the future success of your marvelous baby.


Lorenzo Santini

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