First three chapters in Spanish of UFT 366

Many thanks to both colleagues! Both the ECE / ECE2 books are already a great success, being read 7,237 and 2,317 times a year respectively off combined sites ( and For advanced monographs this is a phenomenal rate of reading (UFT350, UFT366, publications and Spanish sections of I think that energy from spacetime, LENR and similar are the only forms of energy that will safeguard the existence of humankind, together with hydroelectric. From my work of the past six months it is clear that wind turbines are a complete failure, the worst disaster in industrial history.

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On 1/24/2017 1:00 PM, Alex Hill (ET3M) wrote:

Hello Dave,

Please find enclosed the first three chapters in Spanish of UFT 366, for posting.
In the near future I will be mailing to you updated versions of same document, with additional chapters added.



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