Voltaire and Euler

Agreed with the Co President of AIAS, Dr. Gareth John Evans. Voltaire was in the habit of using sharp wit, as in Kenneth Clark’s “Civilization”, the episode where he describes the eighteenth century enlightenment, called “The Smile of Reason”. This is on youtube for anyone to study. Voltaire himself was the object not only of vicious insults, but of threats, because he criticised the aristocracy, and they frequently threatened to beat him up with hired gangs. Euler kept out of politics completely, but this did not save him from being fired by Frederick of Prussia, who routinely insulted Euler by describing him as a cyclops because of his bad right eye. Voltaire was not insulting in a vulgar way, like a mindless, cowardly, criminal troll, but used sharp wit openly. That was accepted behaviour in the Paris salons for example, a battle of wits. Voltaire could write in many different literary forms. Not being able to understand Euler Lagrange mathematics is entirely understandable for the general public and non specialists, which is why we turn the maths into graphics and animations. However, all physicists are taught these mathematics as undergraduates. Some chemists like Gareth and myself were taught them in pure and applied mathematics, part of the tripos. It takes a certain amount of skill to chose the variables, but in the case of the gyroscope it is obvious that the variables are the three Euler angles. The dynamics are then described by the time evolution of the Euler angles, (the generalized coordinates) and this motion can be animated. In fact this is quite simple, classical Euler Lagrange mathematics, the subject has been very greatly developed, for example in quantum field theory and relativity. Anyone can look at a gyro, or spinning top, its motion is very complicated, but an analyis in terms of Euler angles allows one to study time evolution in terms of the three angles. I found a method of extending and greatly simplifying Section 10.10 of Marion and Thornton. Sometimes this textbook can be completely and wildy wrong, as in its attempts at integration to find the orbit of the Einstein theory (see many UFT papers). Horst and I have shown that the Einstein orbit goes bananas. The creaking physics establishment cannot cover it up any more, which is why there is no longer an establishment, only the mathematical truth.

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This is very interesting. Using insulting behaviour when feeling threatened has a long history – and not only in scientific circles (one of the bad sides of human nature). Fortunately, there is usually more good than bad in society, bullies and thugs tend to end up destroying themselves and the human race learns lessons and moves on (so far at least)!

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