Final Version of the Last Note

OK thanks, Note 368(6) is the correct version to be checked by computer algebra. The problem in general is exceedingly intricate because of the structure of Eq. (5)in which theta = theta(t). This equation (5) should be checked by computer algebra. The others are given by Marion and Thornton. The new Euler Lagrange equation is equation (2), which gives Eq. (5). Eqs. (6) and (7) are given by Marion and Thornton.

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I quickly checked the analytical solution of eq.(29), it is a growing exponential function, whatever that means. I will await the final note for further analysis.


Am 23.01.2017 um 10:03 schrieb EMyrone:

I will be sending out a final version of the last note, and as usual my hand calculations will be checked using Maxima by co author Horst Eckardt. The hand calculations are used to get an idea of the problem, and this is the method in every UFT paper to which computer algebra can be applied. So there will be virtually no chance of any human error and it will be all a matter of interpretation. The notes should be regarded as sketches for the final painting.

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