Checked with the College of Arms

The award of arms is to persons deemed to be eminent. I am an Uchelwr in the ancient British system, being descended from the Princes (and also the Normans, Norse, Irish, Dublin Vikings, Scots, Highlanders and so on), so I am automatically a member of the Gentry. William Bortrick included me in “Burke’s Peerage and Gentry” on descent (attached genealogy). All my cousins here, and family members of relevance, are also Uchelwyr and members of the Gentry and could be included in “Burke’s Peerage and Gentry”. An Armiger is a person who has been awarded a coat of arms by the College of Arms after due process, a petition to the Earl Marshall, Duke of Norfolk, and assessment of merit, in my case a Civil List Pension, and a lot of voluntary work, academic degrees, honours and so on. To refuse to recognize the award of arms is still a civil offence under the law of arms. The seventeenth century punishments look very gruesome. I would like to add that all coal miners are automatically noblemen because of the dangers they faced at work. I am very keen that merit in the sons and daughters of the working classes be recognized. The recognition happens to take the mediaeval form of an award of arms. Arms are often awarded to U. S. Citizens. So if one is an Armiger it does not mean that one is a royalist or a tory. I am neither. Being a Welsh speaking Baptist by upbringing I am automatically a republican. All Baptists and nonconformists should be republicans. In any case anyone who asserts that a coalminer cannot be a gentleman is automatically regarded in Wales as someone who has never done a shift underground. Abraham Lincoln was the son of a backwoodsman so could never have been a President. Harry S. Truman was the son of a farmer, and so on.

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