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Continuing with UFT365

December 30, 2016

I am preparing to add the effect of fluid spacetime by doing the groundwork in classical dynamics in a new and rigorous way. The attached simulation by Bernhard Foltz shows how the stars move outwards. This is a pure centrifugal force for a simple hyperbolic spiral. From the Binet equation m r double dot is zero for a hyperbolic spiral. I wish to modify the calculation in notes to date to account for spin connections coming from the replacement of classical dynamics by fluid dynamics. This will be the subject of the next note.

FOR POSTING: The Battle with Wikipedia

December 30, 2016

I suggest that all AIAS / UPITEC staff look up my changes on the ECE article on wikipedia and note how long they stay before they are removed by the so called “moderators”. They have done this many times before. Wikipedia notes the IP address of the computer of a scientist trying to engage in long accepted scientific dialogue, and often brands that scientist, however distinguished, as a “vandal”, preventing him from further editing. This is disgusting censorship that flies in the face of all societal norms. The moderators are completely biased individuals and are not “moderators” at all. All staff are strongly advised to keep on adding their own calm and reasoned rebuttals, directly on the ECE article, ranging from mathematical (Horst Eckardt, Doug Lindstrom, Steve Crothers and myself) to rebuttals based on experience (physicists and chemists of the group), to rebuttals based on pure disgust (general public), disgust at crude defamation being used in lieu of science. The main rebuttal on and is UFT89, read and accepted many thousands of times over a decade, and all my early rebuttals are again visible on I also advise pointing out directly on the ECE wikipedia article UFT311, UFT321 and UFT364 on sources of new energy. These are important, mainstream papers presented at Royal Society of Chemistry and other conferences and a House of Lords committee. If wikipedia censors them then it is finished, it will be seen as a rag when it comes to ECE theory. Over the past decade there has been a fierce battle between wikipedia and AIAS / UPITEC. Our scientometrics show that wikipedia has been intellectually routed. If it does not allow edits, our own websites deliver the closely reasoned rebuttals. The need to do so evaporated years ago when it became clear to the international community that the EEC article by wikipedia is a crude defamation. I can see this through my scientometrics, referrals from wikipedia became fewer and fewer and have now dried up almost completely. People are not stupid, as wiki seems to think. All that has to be remembered by the general public with no technical ability is that ECE and ECE2 are based directly on well accepted geometry, geometry that has not been affected by the crude distortions on wkipedia. Troll sites are illegal and no scientist will ever read that kind of criminality. Trolling is a criminal offence. This was pointed out to me personally by the Commissioner of Police in Wales, Rt. Hon. Alun Michael.

Dealt with Wikipedia

December 30, 2016

I have edited the ECE article on wikipedia to point out that it is an obsolete distortion. This is easy to do, log in to wikipedia and edit the article. I suggest that all AIAS and UPITEC Fellows add their comments on the wikipedia article to demonstrate their own contributions. If wikipedia does not allow fair dialogue, and allows defamation, it will have no credibility. There are essentially no referrals now from this crude defamation by Wikipedia. On past experience wikipedia deletes comments that its so called “moderators” to not like. Its attempted character destruction has failed. ECE has made a huge worldwide impact.

Wind 9.83%, 2 – 27 mph, Wales 2 – 13 mph

December 30, 2016

The wind speed in the Betws turbine area today is 2 mph, not enough to start the turbines (7 – 9 mph), so the turbines are essentially useless the entire year round. So the political will must be built up to have them demolished and hydro power built. ES and LENR are power stations of the future. Giant turbines will quickly deteriorate to junk in about a decade. This is well known from a recent University of Edinburgh study. So for millions of pounds in subsidy, we will have rotating junk and a destroyed ecology. The statement by the Welsh Assembly Minister which allowed through Mynydd y Gwair is mindless nonsense. These turbines cannot be started 85 – 90 % of the time, so they do not produce power to thousands of homes. The daily data on my blog show this conclusively. Even a politician can see that if nothing is being produced by the turbines, no power is being sent to houses. A lot of people can see that these turbines rotate when there is no wind, that is because they take power FROM the grid. This is needed to maintain them. My guess is that their bearings would seize if they were static for a long time.

Daily Report 28/12/16

December 30, 2016

The equivalent of 78,179 printed pages was downloaded (285.041 megabytes) from 2,145 downloaded memory files (hits) and 444 distinct visits each averaging 5.0 memory pages and 7.0 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio of 36.52, main spiders google, MSN and yahoo. Collected ECE2 1583, Top ten 962, Evans / Morris 924(est), Barddoniaeth 600, Collected scientometrics 543, Principles of ECE 285, Eckardt / Lindstrom 196, F3(Sp) 191, Autobiography volumes one and two 178, Collected proofs 163, Evans Equations 111, UFT88 108, UFT364 99, PECE 95, UFT311 66, Engineering Model 65, Llais 51, UFT321 38, Self charging inverter 33, PLENR 25, List of prolific authors 18, Three world records 17, ECE2 14, Lindstrom Idaho lecture 11, UFT313 38, UFT314 33, UFT315 31, UFT316 31, UFT317 30, UFT318 26, UFT319 39, UFT320 25, UFT322 28, UFT323 29, UFT324 37, UFT325 28, UFT326 35, UFT327 28, UFT328 41, UFT329 30, UFT330 30, UFT331 38, UFT332 28, UFT333 31, UFT334 25, UFT335 29, UFT336 27, UFT337 21, UFT338 23, UFT339 23, UFT340 26, UFT341 26, UFT342 22, UFT343 32, UFT344 26, UFT345 28, UFT346 35, UFT347 39, UFT348 29, UFT349 32, UFT351 30, UFT352 29, UFT353 22, UFT354 45, UFT355 33, UFT356 33, UFT357 32, UFT358 39, UFT359 32, UFT360 24, UFT361 22, UFT362 39, UFT363 15, UFT364 99 to date in December 2016. Spanish Ministry of Defence F3(Sp); Eduardo Mondlane University Mozambique general. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for December 2016.

Discussions with the Police on Crime Control

December 29, 2016

Recently there have been discussions entirely in the Welsh language about security and so on. The police advised that more CCTV cameras would be useful. They described the criminal damage to my car as disgraceful and mentioned that an incident of criminal damage needs to be caught on CCTV. I was told that I MUST report incidents of criminal damage and verbal common assault in the middle of the road. I have always argued that the circumstantial evidence is so strong in the mixture throwing incident that no other evidence is needed. They advised caution and no contact with a very small number of neighbours. I will certainly comply with this, I do not want to know them. I pointed out that a whole bucket of cement and glue was thrown with great force at the windscreen, right over the roof, and into the vents. This is the first time that this type of incident has ever occurred in Mawr, and it has not recurred. It is vanishingly improbable that a passing stranger could have stolen a bucket, quickly mixed glue and cement in the early dawn in the middle of the road, then to have thrown it at my car for no reason at all. Yet this is what a defence lawyer might argue. No one believes that scenario in a village that is thoroughly revolted at the incident. So the law needs to be reformed. Dai Morris was convicted on circumstantial and forensic evidence, and many other murderers have been convicted on forensic evidence. The Great Train Robbers were convicted on forensic evidence and fingerprints. I pointed out that Land Registry Wales ASKED me to object in the adverse possession claim. It was found by the Tribunal that the statements of truth were false. How can land be awarded on such a basis? It is hearsay at best, perjury at worst. The law on adverse possession needs to be repealed. I proved this falsehood by finding a 1929 Deed which the Tribunal ACCEPTED. So the Judge ruled that the garage had been built on an unadopted highway. This is a mistake in law because if this were true, the garage would have been an obstruction. My complete point by point rebuttal is on the blog. So I would like to ask the Chief Constable to investigate the mixture sample that I have here and continue the investigation. Otherwise people are going to be very uneasy, fearing that one day their car will be decorated too. I made the police fully aware of all the problems I have been addressing voluntarily at the request of the police 101 Unit at Bridgend, problems that go back for more than twenty years. This proves systematic harassment beyond all doubt. Until double yellow lines are put down, the traffic problems will continue and public opinion will get angrier and angrier. Due to my voluntary efforts, cars have been shifted sideways to allow pedestrians to pass on the inside on pavements, but that narrows the road even more. Before that the pavements would be blocked. Double yellow lines would cure the problem, and cars would be taken completely off the narrow roads. I also mentioned that a refusal to recognize my rank of Gentleman is in contempt of the law of arms, as valid as the common law. It is also insolent and arrogant. I am in “Burke’s Peerage and Gentry”. This is a minor point, but important. Merit must be recognized.

cc Trustees Newlands Family Trust

365(4): Orbital Considerations

December 29, 2016

This note considers a planar orbit in the absence of a spin connection in order to consider rigorously in the next note the effect of generalizing dynamics to fluid dynamics. It is shown that for a central force of any kind, there are no Coriolis accelerations in a planar orbit. This is a generalization of a method developed in earlier UFT papers. As an illustration, it is shown that a hyperbolic spiral orbit (17) produces Eqs. (19) and (20), showing that there is no force of attraction in such an orbit, and a purely centrifugal force throws the stars in a spiral galaxy outwards from the centre. All these results are changed by generalizing classical dynamics to fluid dynamics, and this will be the subject of the next note.


Cumbric Language

December 29, 2016

Dear Eitan Adut,

I would refer you to the Institute for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies in Aberystwyth (National Library of Wales) or to some good sites on line, particularly the poem “Pais Dinogad” on my blog, it has versions in Cumbric, Old Welsh and modern Welsh, the best translation into English is by Anthony Conran. To answer your questions to the best of my (non expert) knowledge I offer the following.

1) The language of Rheged would have been Cumbric, which was very similar to old Welsh. Rheged is described online, just use google. The language of Strathclyde (Ystrad Clud) and other areas of lowland Scotland would have been Cumbric, merging in the west into old Welsh. The language of the Picts would have been Caledonian, which was Brythonic Celtic. Rhydderch ap Dyfnwal ruled Ystrad Clud in 971, but by the 1070’s it was ruled by Macbeth, King of Scots (Goidelic Celtic language). Cumbric survived probably into the middle ages, Sir William Wallace may have spoken it. His name means William the Stranger, i.e. William the Welsh to the Angles.

2) In Gododdin they spoke Cumbric. In old Welsh the poem of Aneurin, “Y Gododdin” is about the Kingdom. The poem “Gwaith Argoed Lwyfain” in old Welsh is about a battle between the Cumbric speaking Kingdom of Rheged, led by my ancestor King Urien Rheged and Owain ab Urien, and Theodric or Ida of Bernicia (“Fflamddwyn” in old Welsh – the flame bearer). In the poem there is the phrase “Fflamddywn fawr drebystawd” in old Welsh. It is thought that the battle may have been fought north of Loch Lommond, and the Angles were routed and thrown back to Lindisfarne.

3) The word “pebil” is probably “pebyll” in modern Welsh, meaning “tents”. There are numerous place names and river names in Scotland and northern England that originate in Cumbric. Some scholars think that it was a dialect of old Welsh, which crystallized out of British Celtic, and not a separate language. Others think that it was a separate language such as Cornish or Breton. For example “Perth” is the same word in modern Welsh, in which it means “hedge” and pronounced in exactly the same way as the Scots pronounce it now. In ancient times it probably meant a wood or forest.


Myron Evans

Dr M. W. Evans,

Sent: 29/12/2016 03:08:21 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Cumbric

Dear Mr. Evans,

In trying to find out more information about some particulars about the
language of Cumbric, I found your website online.

I’m hoping you’ll be able to help me with these questions:

1. Would Cumbric have been the primary language in Scottish Borders area
between the 6th and 7th centuries? If not, do you know what was the
language spoken there during that time?

2. Did the Gadeni, Gadenoi, or Gododdin spoke Cumbric, or some other

3. Do you know if the word “pebil” was a word in Cumbric?

Thank you in advance for your assistance,

Eitan Adut

Wind 8.91%, 2 – 25 mph, Wales 3 – 14 mph, 0756 local time

December 29, 2016

The wind speed in the Betws area today is 3 mph, nearly the lowest in the whole of Britain, so the Betws wind turbines are producing nothing and the Mynydd y Gwair turbines would also be producing nothing. They would need a minimum wind speed of 7 – 9 mph just to start, and a steady 20 – 40 mph to work at their maximum efficiency. There is never that kind of wind speed in Britain, not even in the Shetlands. Prime Minister’s question time produces more airflow, but there is no turbine in the Commons. Maybe the Speaker should be replaced by one. So the wind industry has collapsed yet again to 8.91% contribution to demand, in Wales it is much lower because all the strong wind is concentrated over the western and northern isles of Scotland. So the wind industry must be discontinued as new energy sources come on line, for example those proposed by the AIAS / UPITEC group, recently nominated for six gold and six silver medals of the intellectually conservative Institute of Physics.

Daily Report 27/12/16

December 29, 2016

The equivalent of 91,555 printed pages was downloaded during the day (333.808 megabytes) from 2,062 downloaded memory files or hits and 363 distinct visits each averaging 4.2 memory pages and 7.0 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio of 44.40, main spiders google, MSN and yahoo. Collected ECE2 1522, Top ten 937, Evans / Morris 891, Barddoniaeth / Poetry 592, Collected scientometrics 543(est), Principles of ECE 272, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 195, F3(Sp) 189, Autobiography volumes one and two 171, Collected Proofs 152, Evans Equations 110, UFT88 103, PECE 92, UFT311 64, Engineering Model 64, CEFE 53, Llais 51, UFT321 37, Self charging inverter 32, List of prolific authors 18, Three world records 15, Lindstrom Idaho lecture 10, UFT313 36, UFT314 33, UFT315 28, UFT316 30, UFT317 29, UFT318 24, UFT319 39, UFT320 23, UFT322 28, UFT323 27, UFT324 35, UFT325 26, UFT326 35, UFT327 28, UFT328 39, UFT329 28, UFT330 29, UFT331 37, UFT332 28, UFT333 30, UFT334 25, UFT335 28, UFT336 36, UFT337 20, UFT338 23, UFT339 20, UFT340 25, UFT341 25, UFT342 21, UFT343 29, UFT344 24, UFT345 27, UFT346 34, UFT347 37, UFT348 28, UFT349 30, UFT351 30, UFT352 29, UFT353 20, UFT354 43, UFT355 32, UFT356 31, UFT357 30, UFT358 37, UFT359 31, UFT360 22, UFT361 21, UFT362 38, UFT363 15, UFT364 99 to date in December 2016. Catholic University of Leuven UFT81; African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Cape Town South Africa UFT228. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for December 2016.