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Hello Dr Evans,

I just looked at the Wikipedia entry for ECE Theory, and they must have already deleted your edits:

We certainly need to organize, and edit wikipedia on a continual basis. We especially need to have pdf papers, which explain the trivial semantic

objections of Rodrigues, T’hooft, and Bruhn. By

linking to our own papers, the rules of wikipedia will stop the trolls from deleting our rebuttals.

An exciting, new proof of ECE theory is contained on page five of the attached pdf. By forcing two gyroscopes to precess against each other, a non-newtonian
thrust is created, which is used by Boeing aboard the International Space Station!
Quote: “Recently the existence of this technology has been confirmed by a Boeing
engineer, Mike Gamble, who has been working at Boeing since 1985. He stated at the
2015 COFE conference that Boeing uses a similar device to maintain orientation and
stability aboard the International Space Station (Gamble, 2015; Manning, 2015; Valone,
2015). Gamble is quoted as saying that Boeing uses a “scissoring gyroscope” mechanism
to harness forced precession of the gyroscopes, which are then used to adjust the
orientation and motion of the space station. He said there are four gyros on board to do
this. He even remarked that the device has been in use for long enough that one of the
four gyros had worn out and had to be replaced recently.”

The Eric Laithwaite gyroscope videos are really amazing, and prove a loss of mass, and loss of inertia:

There is an archive service, where you can archive any web page you wish. This way, you don’t have to wait for quarterly archives:

But, keep in mind, an archive is just a snapshot of a webpage, so creating pdf archives is still the best way to preserve the information.

It is very important to archive your blog, so I plan to send you the pdf after January 1st, so the entire year is covered by one pdf.

I had another concern about your UFT papers – you should put a publication date on each one. Soon, it will be irresistable for scientists to plagiarize your work, and if you don’t have

a date on the papers, there will be an argument, as to who made the discovery first. Also, a revision table should be used for subsequent corrections, just like a government document.

Without publication dates, the only way to prove the release date is to search the blog pdf archives. But, it is doubtful that will serve as proof to the plagiarist.

Another thing I have found about the UFT papers – it takes DAYS to download them all, so it is very doubtful that busy academics will take the time to download more than a few. Why not create

zipped archives of the UFT papers, so they could download a few big files, and have them automatically unzip on their own hard drive? I’ve found that the server will limit the number of

UFT papers that can be downloaded in one day (maybe 30 papers is the limit), so the student has to wait a day, and try again tomorrow. NOT a good way to disseminate these important papers!

Just like the corrupted rebuttal pdf papers, the download limit shows scientific interest may be much larger than presently known!

Let’s make 2017 a new beginning for many things, especially ECE Theory!

Michael Jackson

On Fri, Dec 30, 2016 at 3:47 AM, <EMyrone> wrote:

I have edited the ECE article on wikipedia to point out that it is an obsolete distortion. This is easy to do, log in to wikipedia and edit the article. I suggest that all AIAS and UPITEC Fellows add their comments on the wikipedia article to demonstrate their own contributions. If wikipedia does not allow fair dialogue, and allows defamation, it will have no credibility. There are essentially no referrals now from this crude defamation by Wikipedia. On past experience wikipedia deletes comments that its so called “moderators” to not like. Its attempted character destruction has failed. ECE has made a huge worldwide impact.


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