Ethnic Bias

This is an offence in common law, which is why one such incident was recently investigated by the Neath Hate Crime Unit, which expressed deep concern, and rightly so. In my opinion, a remark about being the son of a coal miner is ethnic bias. In the year 2016 it is an offence in common law, a violation of human rights. Much of my poetry is about coal mining, they were highly intelligent people in this village. Their level of culture was much higher than that in a university department for example. My Bro Iaith policy is designed to revive the language and culture. refusal to recognize a coat of arms is an offence under the law of arms, and could be construed as ethnic bias. In fact, being raised to the Gentry is minor compared with being descended from the Princes. In the law of Hywel Dda that means that one is a nobleman or Uchelwr. This was the rank held by Owain Glyndw^r. Aneurin Bevan was also the son of a coal miner, and a coal miner himself. So were tens of thousands of distinguished people. People who make such remarks should try a shift underground one day.

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