Wind 0.90%, 2 – 7 mph, Wales 2 – 5 mph 0810 local time.

Conditions today are cold, with frost and no wind, so at the time when they are most needed, wind turbines are producing nothing all across the countries of Britain they are all at a standstill because the wind speed needed to start them is 7 – 9 mph. This is a very clear illustration of the corrupt nature of primitive capitalism and the wind turbine lobby. It knew all along that the wind speed in the countries of Britain is not enough for any kind of power. Demand now is about 42 gigawatts, very high because there is cold weather, and nuclear, gas and coal are all flat out. Wind saves nothing at all on fossil fuel emissions if that is what they are trying to tell us. Wind power is, in fact, almost completely useless. Hydro is a dismal 0.44%. energy policy is a disaster, and emergency efforts are needed to build hydro, LENR and ES power stations. The French charge a huge amount for their electricity exported to Britain. How is it possible for government to be such a catastrophic failure? By daily monitoring over the past few months I have realized how much of a disaster this really is.

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