Many thanks to Dave Burleigh

To Dave Burleigh, CEO ,Annexa Inc. Arizona, USA:

Many thanks! This is very useful and I am forwarding to Osamu Ide. Considering the disastrous state of energy policy there is no time to lose in the development of ES power stations.

Sent: 02/12/2016 06:07:14 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Osamu Ide


I recently became aware of a knowledgeable, well connected Dr, Steven
Greer, Osamu may want to get in touch with. In the last 19 minutes or so
of this talk he relates how to open source an overunity technology. He
explains it so I won’t do so here. In any case I don’t want to be seen
as misusing your conversation with Horst, Simon & Russ. The video is


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