Wind 8.52%, 2 – 28 mph, Wales 2 – 6 mph, 0826 local time

In the area of the Betws turbines today the wind is only 2 mph now according to the met office wind map. Again this is not enough to start the giant turbines which mock democracy, justice and civilization. To start them a wind speed of 7 – 9 mph is needed, and the wind is that strong only on a very few days a year. My lifelong friend Peter Harris of Craig Cefn Parc has been monitoring the Hirwaun turbines which can be seen from here. Yesterday he mentioned that on a flat calm day he had observed half the Hirwaun turbines rotating, and later in the day the other half rotating. This can only mean that they are being driven by the grid, and are taking power FROM the grid. So the general public is being deceived into thinking that they are being driven by the wind, even though there is no wind.

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