UFT88 Read at Charles University Prague, NUST Pakistan and National Taiwan

This is the third or fourth known reading of UFT88 in recent months at Charles University Prague, probably it has been read many times more since 2007 by staff and students using private computers, so it is taught there by AIAS / UPITEC, in common with almost all the world’s best universities. CUP is ranked 181 in the world by webometrics, 201 – 300 by Shanghai, 302 by QS and 401 – 500 by Times. This is a type of distance teaching by internet. CUP was founded in 1348 and has 51,438 students. Einstein was there for a while from 1911 and produced about eleven papers there. He lectured on mechanics and specific heat theory. He frequented the cafe run by Bertha Fanta in the Old Town Square, with Max Brod, Franz Kafka and others of an intellectual and musical circle. So the wheel has come full circle in that UFT88, which refutes the famous Einstein theory of general relativity, is being regularly taught and studied at the places where he worked: ETH Zurich, University of Zurich, CUP, Max Planck Institute and Princeton. The National University of Sciences and Technology in Pakistan has 15,000 students, was founded in 1991 and is ranked 150 in the world by webometrics and 215 by QS. This is the second study of UFT88 at National Taiwan University in a few days. It is high up in the world rankings. This is a familiar pattern by now, the teachings of AIAS / UPITEC, and our research work are studied by the best in the world, as recorded on the headline of www.aias.us. UFT88 was published in 2007 and is a famous classic by now, it refutes the geometry used by Einstein and his contemporaries using spacetime torsion. ECE and ECE2 are being taught in the world’s best universities using our distance teaching methods. The obsolete Einstein theory is taught in the older type of courses, using lectures and textbooks that are not even aware of torsion.

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