Typesetting of ECE2: The Second Paradigm Shift”

I would like the final version to be typeset by the same typesetters we used for PECE. They produced by far the most accurate work in my experience of typesetters (1973 to present). They would also have the experience of PECE behind them. I am prepared to help cover the cost of the typesetting by them. So if we are agreed Doug could transfer his excellent preliminary file to these typesetters for the final version of chapter two. The scientometrics show a lot of things, and they are very popular worldwide. One thing they show is that readers in up to 182 countries are fully at home with my handwritten versions, and the handwritten translation versions by Alex Hill. The handwriting was always intended by me to keep things accurate. I began to produce intricate equations as a graduate student, and the typesetters at JCS Faraday II, being chemists, often made a pig’s breakfast out of my manuscripts, needing hours of corrections for each paper. Doug’s typesetting in comparison to that is accurate, but the typesetters used for PECE were hyper accurate. The hardback produced in Berlin was also a high standard production, printed in colour. We can now maintain those standards for all future books and similar.

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