Typeset ECE2 Chapter 2

Many thanks, it looks very good. The typo’s are as follows.

1) All vectors should be set in boldface and not underlined in order to achieve consistency with “Principles of ECE” and the rest of our books and typeset papers.
2) Middle term of Eq. (2.6), replace superscript k by superscript kappa.
3) Above Eq. (2.9) replace “and” by “an”.
4) Eq. (2.10), it should be D sub alpha V sup kappa outside the second brackets.
5) The following line should be “Now use the Evans …….
6) Eq. (2.26): fourth term, second row, first matrix, minus sign;
first column, second matrix, three minus signs missing;
second row, fourth term, second matrix, remove minus sign;
second term, first row, second matrix, minus sign
(see Eq. (26), page 8 of the manuscript).
7) Eq. (27), minus sign before the vector entry in covariant notation.
8) Eq. (29) underlined capital B should be set boldface as in “Principles of ECE”, and same for all vectors.
9) Before Eq. (32), the word “solution” is repeated.
10) In the Hodge duals of Eq. (38) the tilde signs merge into the capital T’s so cannot be read.
11) In Eq. (39) the tilde sign has merged into the capital T in the first T.
12) Eq. (40): second matrix, second row, last term, minus sign,
second matrix, second term, last row, remove minus sign
13) Eq. (40), the tilde sign has merged into the capital E.

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Subj: PECE 2 Chapter 2

Here is a first go at Chapter 2, on my part.



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