Distance Teachers at the World’s Best Universities.

This is how I would like to describe AIAS / UPITEC. We essentially teach at the best universities in the world. This is known from years of now famous scientometrics The effect of this teaching can be seen by use of a few intermediate ranging Google keywords as follows:

1) Principles new paradigm shift physics (without inverted commas), our new monograph “The Principles of ECE” (2016) is the first site on the first page of google out of 2,150,000 sites.
2) “New Paradigm of Physics” (with inverted commas) brings up “The Principles of ECE” as the third site on the first page of Google of out 49,200 sites.
3) Enigmatic Photon, without inverted commas brings up the five volumes in many sites on the first pages of google out of 112,000 sites. There are all types of descriptions of this famous book, commissioned by Prof. Emeritus Alwyn van der Merwe of Denver University in his series of high quality monographs. He coined the description “post Einsteinian paradigm shift” for B(3) theory and ECE.
4) Molecular Dynamics Evans, first site first page of google. This was my first book, commissioned by Prof. Emeritus Stuart Rice of the University of Chicago, written with Gareth Evans, William Coffey and Paolo Grigolini, published in 1982 in New York City by Wiley Interscience
5) Gauss Faraday (without inverted commas) brings up the famous UFT25 as site seven of page one of google. UFT25 is currently the most popular paper of the UFT series, being read about four thousand times a year at present. It was the first paper to derive the Gauss Law of magnetism and Faraday Law of induction from geometry, in about 2004. All my books are in the National Library of Wales, the only Library in the world to have a complete collection of my books.

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