Discussion of 362(5), Erratum in Eq. (26)

OK thanks again. Agreed, In Eq. (26) substitute r for v. This is the spin connection for Eq. (26). The spin connection for Eq. (27) contains v. I will correct this in UFT362 and repost, and correct the error in Note 363(1) and repost.

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Coming back to note 362(5), in eqs. (22) and (23) the same term with Omega appears at the rhs, but (22) is for the position vector and (23) for the velocity. There must be a difference, the spin connections cannot be the same because both are multiplied with the same vector

[r dot, r theta


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This note shows that orbital precession is due to the spin connections (34), which come from the assumption of a fluid vacuum or aether. So orbital precession in this theory is an effect of the aether, vacuum or spacetime within the framework of ECE2 unified field theory.

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