Wind 3.9%, 1 – 36 mph, Wales 2 – 8 mph, 0722 local time

The wind speed in Swansea now is as usual much too low for any power to be produced from any of the large turbines in the area, this includes the Betws and Hirwaun turbines, which can be seen as an ugly blight on the horizon from here, all painted a blazing white. So my work on this blog has shown with objective simplicity that wind turbines are the greatest industrial fiasco of the twenty first century in the three countries of Britain. The political will must be built up to demolish them at developer expense, make the scammers pay back all the subsidies, and to bankrupt as many wind turbine companies as possible so the Directors are banned. Nuclear is being run flat out already, and it far too dangerous, so the common sense answer is hydroelectric. In its pristine, profound, ineluctable and elevated wisdom, above all democracy, the Welsh Assembly has so far refused to build hydro, leaving Wales almost totally dependent on imported gas. It is well known that Wylfa and Trawsfynydd have leaked radiation, resulting in many cancer cases. Near Trawsfynydd people have been allowed to fish in a polluted lake.

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