Discussion of Evans / Morris book

I am satisfied that the experimental results are reproducible in one laboratory (that of AIAS Co President Gareth Evans) and in some cases repeatable (in the two different laboratories of Trevor Morris and Gareth Evans and also one or two other laboratories). Any results that are not repeatable and reproducible will not be used. Yet other laboratories worldwide might like to take up the rigorously objective challenge posed by the ECE theory of the Evans Morris effects, which has been intensely studied worldwide for two years or more. For example the interferometer experiment. The theory has been checked by computer algebra and in may other ways. The same is true of all the ECE papers, which amount to an example of Darwin’s evolutionary theory, thought has rapidly evolved completely away from the old physics. Similarly, ECE2 has produced severe new tests of the Dirac approximation and relativistic quantum mechanics.

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Agreed, a number of experiments have been proposed that a good lab could test. Also, the theory is rock solid.

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