Wind 8.84%, 2 – 15 mph, Wales 5 – 10 mph, 0737 local time

The wind speed in Swansea now is 6 mph, below the 7 – 9 mph needed to start the Betws and Hirwaun wind turbines, a smallpox on a once pristine and pure land. So these turbines are again producing nothing at all and should obviously be demolished. Their existence is an indicator of malfeasance and complete misgovernment. A people gets the government it deserves, and as my direct ancestor King Caradog ap Bran ap Llyr (Caratacus) was fond of saying, prolonged tyranny leads to extinction. This is why he fought the Romans, the superpower of his time. Capital despotism has ruined the environment and has therefore ruined the people, which has caught a dose of what it deserves, and has not shaken itself free – yet.

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