UFT88 Read at Illinois Urbana Champiagn, National Taiwan and Bose Institute

These are three world ranking institutions. Illinois Urbana Champaign is ranked 22 in the world by webometrics, 28 by QS, 30 by Shanghai and 48 by Times. It was founded in 1867 and has 44,087 students, the LED or light emitting diode, was invented there. National Taiwan is ranked 64 by webometrics, 68 by WS and 151-200 by Shanghai, it has 31,758 students and was founded in 1928. The Nobel Laureate Lee was a student there. The Bose Institute in Calcutta is one of India’s oldest and most prestigious institutes, founded by the Bose of Bose Einstein statistics. UFT88 is the scientifically famous paper that refuted the Einstein theory of relativity, and has been developed into UFT99, UFT109 and UFT313.

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