Wind 2.44%, 1 – 18 mph, Wales 2 – 14 mph, 0857 local time

The wind speed recorded in Swansea now is 4 mph. So the Betws turbines are producing nothing as usual, because they need 7 – 9 mph to start. I have proven conclusively in a very simple way that the Betws (and also the Hirwaun) turbines are completely useless and should be demolished at developer expense, and all subsidies paid back to the People. So the Mynydd y Gwair turbines will also be completely useless. The developers should be prosecuted for extreme environmental damage, damage like this has never been perpetrated before. The latter has been cheated and cynically deceived. This is well known, so the political will must be gathered quickly to demolish all wind turbines in Wales, and also Britain. The reason is that they are useless. They also make a mockery of democracy, which has never really existed in Wales. It is very easy to introduce true democracy using electronic referenda and proportional representation. A dangerous populist movement such as UKIP, or a dangerous and inexperienced populist figure such as Trump would be prevented by veto from taking power. A group of responsible and highly experienced people would be in charge of this veto.

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