Early View of Chapter Four and docx File

I expect to complete my section of chapter four tomorrow, this is an early view and the docx file for typesetting and translation. This chapter consists of popular, well read, papers and makes major advances in orbital theory using ECE2 relativity. For the first time it gives the true precession, found by solving the ECE2 lagrangian and hamiltonian simultaneously using numerical methods. For large precessions this method gives the large observable precessions of ellipses in a sensible way. These could be graphed along the disastrous results of the Einstein theory for large precessions, where the Einstein theory gives wild,unphysical results, and the fractal conic sections of the modelled precessing ellipse, r = alpha / ( 1 + epsilon cos (x theta)). The latter half of the chapter is pencilled in for the important Sections 3 by Horst of the relevant papers. The incisive graphics be published in colour.

ECE2 The Second Paradigm Shift Chapter Four.docx

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