Wind 6.56%, 1 – 31 mph, Wales 6 – 16 mph, 0834 local time

The wind speed in the Betws area today is about 12 mph or less, just above the 7 – 9 mph needed to start the giant turbines. The overall wind contribution in the countries of Britain is a pathetic 6.56%. The high wind of 31 mph is over the Shetlands close to Norway, far north of here. My conclusion is that the Betws turbines produce next to nothing, and only on those rare days when there are storms. If they were demolished at developer expense there would be les danger to the grid from wild fluctuations of wind. Unfortunately this is not a script from Monte Python’s Flying Circus or Pink Panther, it is the ghastly reality of failed govrenment. Wind turbines have no effect at all on climate. I could have told you that twenty five years ago.

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