Source for Linus being Lleyn ap Caradog

This is found by googling “Linus Lleyn”, third site. It is St. Peter himself in “Apostolic Constitutions”, Book 1, Chapter 46. “Concerning those Bishops who have been ordained in our lifetime, we make known to you that they are these: of Antioch Eudius, and ordained by me, Peter; of the Church of Rome, Linus (Lleyn ap Caradog), brother of Claudia (Gladys ferch Caradog), was first ordained by Paul.” In another statement Peter confirms that Linus was a Briton, son of a Royal King (Caradog ap Bran ap Llyr my direct ancestor, the British hero Caratacus). Lleyn was already a Christian in Rome, and Paul and Peter wanted to see him. So they did not convert him. This suggests that Lleyn was very close to the source of Christianity itself, Yehoshua ben Joseph, or Jesus or Joshua ben Joseph of Nazareth (4 B. C. to 30 A. D) and that he was a Christian before being captured by the pagan Romans. Some sources say that his father Caradog was also a Christian. Caradog was born in the year 5 A. D., so it is possible. I looked up 2 Timotheus 4:21: “Bydd ddyfal i ddyfod cyn y gaeaf. Y mae Eubulus yn dy annerch, a Phudens, a Linus a Chlaudia, a’r brodyr oll.”. So Dr William Morgan used Linus for Lleyn, direct from Greek and Hebrew, without using Latin. The word “Bishop” in the earliest Christian Church meant no more than a kind of elder. Caradog or Caratacus was born in Trefran, Llanilid. He had three sons and two daughters: my direct ancestor King Cyllin, Lleyn, Cynon, Eurgain and Gladys (Claudia). Claudia was so named because she was adopted by the Emperor Claudius and became Claudia Britannica. She was married to Rufus Pudens when she was seventeen and had four children, two sons and two daughters instructed as Christians by St. Paul himself. This was tolerated by Claudius. She died in 97 A. D. and all her children were murdered by Nero about 100 A. D. Finally one source asserts that Caradog’s father Bran ap Llyr was married to Anna Enygeus Arimathea, the daughter of St. Ilid, or St Joseph of Arimathea, the uncle of Mary, mother of Joshua ben Joseph or Jesus of Nazareth. So St.Ilid brought Christianity to Caradog, who was born in 5. A. D. However, Christianity did not exist before about 20 A. D., say, when Joshua ben Joseph started to teach. He was murdered in about 30 A. D. as is well known. So it is safe to assume that as soon as Christianity started to become well known, it was taken up by Caradog and his family. So I am descended from St. Joseph of Arimathea. This is historical, and accurate, and so are all the Morgan Aubrey Family. Therefore excavations of Cor Eurgain will be full of interest. “Cor Eurgain” means the choir of Eurgain, so one can infer that the earliest Church used chant or possibly music. “Bangor” means “the place of the choir”.

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