FOR POSTING: Softback version of “Principles of ECE”

This has just been published in a joint venture with New Generation London, I received my advance copy today. It is very well produced by “New Generation”, which will send copies to the National Library of Wales and Dr. Douglas Lindstrom. Many thanks to them. Its details are as follows:

Myron W. Evans, Horst Eckardt, Douglas W. Lindstrom and Stephen J. Crothers, “Principles of ECE: a new paradigm of physics”, Edited and Collated by Horst Eckardt, Copyright Myron Evans, 288 pages, ISBN 978-1-78719-180-8 (2016).

Many thanks to all who helped publish this book, notably Horst Eckardt who financed the typesetting, and Douglas Lindstrom who helped finance the production. Dr Stephen Bannister of the University of Utah also helped in the typesetting. Alex Hill is gratefully acknowledged for the Spanish translation, open source on The book is already a runaway “best reader”, currently being read 5,561 times a year off combined sites and The hardback version in colour is available from, and this was also financed by Dr. Horst Eckardt. Both books are suitable for libraries and the staff and students and others around the world who have been reading it open source. Despite the power of our own computerized AIAS publishing, there is still nothing to beat a good book.

cc National Library of Wales.

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