Wind 0.96%, 1 – 11 mph, Wales 2 – 9 mph 0742 local time

Over Britain today the met office wind map gives 1 – 11 mph, and over Wales 2 – 9 mph, so once more, no giant wind turbine is producing any electricity of any real use because it takes 7 – 9 mph to start them. So the wind contribution to the grid is a spectacular 0.96%, the lowest I have recorded since summer (see the daily postings on this blog). With energy like this who needs hibernation? There has been a prolonged calm spell in the past few days, as calm as anything I recorded in summer. This means that wind turbines are totally useless year round, not just in summer. Britain is not windy with the exception of politicians. They should be made to do something useful and the political will must be built up to scrap wind turbines and to ask the profiteers to pay back all the loot, and to clean up the mess. The wildlife they have killed are gone forever, so has the unique ecology.

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