UFT88 Read at Physics, University of Sao Paulo Brazil

Sao Paulo is ranked 50 in the world by webometrics, 101 – 150 by Shanghai, 143 by QS and 251 – 300 by Times. It has 88,261 students in various campi. It was founded in 1934 and its law school dates back to 1827. It is one of the best universities in Central and South America. David Bohm (co author with Jean-Pierre Vigier of a famous paper), taught there and left a legacy of thought different from the standard model. The Aharonov Bohm effect is named after the Wolf Prize winner Yakir Aharonov and David Bohm, who was another victim of McCarthyism, both political and academic. UFT88 is a famous paper in its own right, because it refutes the Einstein theory of general relativity through use of torsion. It has come to be regarded internationally as the definitive paper of its type, having been read in all the best places for almost a decade. It should be read with UFT99, 109, 313 and 354, together with the definitive proofs, which simplify and go to the essence of UFT99. Among the ECE School of Thought (probably the majority now), the Einstein theory is thoroughly obsolete in many ways. One need only glance at the UFT papers to see that. It has been replaced by ECE2, which has unified several subject areas of physics. ECE2 provides an elegant explanation of the whirlpool galaxy using its latest development, fluid gravitation. Einstein and Newton fail completely to describe a whirlpool galaxy (see “Principles of ECE”, in press).

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