FOR POSTING: Production Started of “Principles of ECE”

The production of the book has started at “New Generation” in London, the leading joint venture publisher in Britain. The four authors will retain copyright and the book will have an ISBN number. It will appear in softback, and I have arranged for one complimentary copy to be sent to the National Library of Wales, which has a complete collection of my books, my Ph. D. Thesis and my D. Sc. Thesis, and which will shortly archive and using Wayback Machine software. The sites will be featured by the National Library of Wales and British Library as being important to science and culture, notably poetry in both languages, but also many other cultural features. I will send the address of Dr. Douglas Lindstrom in private so that he can be mailed one of my complimentary copies direct from the publisher in London. It will be available from all the best bookshops, such as Amazon and Waterstones, and will be advertized on and It has already been read about twenty thousand times in its preparatory stages, and at all the best universities, institutes and similar around the world. I would like to thank all who helped with the production of the book, the lodestone of avant garde physics. In terms of art, its publication is similar to the Impressionist Exhibition in Paris, or the appearance of Rodin’s statue of Balzac. In terms of music, it is similar to Sacre du Printemps (The Right of Spring) by Stravinsky. All these happenings caused a riot. The book will be very reasonably priced. In terms of science it is similar to the appearance of relativity or quantum mechanics, a great sea change in thought.

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