Final Version of “The Principles of ECE”

I received this today from Dr Horst Eckardt in Muenich, and will look through it carefully before submitting it tomorrow to “New Generation” in London for joint venture publication. This has been a three year international project and many thanks to all concerned. The book is already a “best seller” open source, or more accurately a “best reader”, because it is made available free to all who wish to learn. This is the AIAS / UPITEC philosophy which has been such a tremendous success from 2002 to present. In the three year preparatory stage it has already been read about twenty thousand times. For an advanced monograph this is an astonishing level of interest. The books will be well worth buying for those who like books rather than websites. The copies will be very reasonably priced with their own ISBN number, the authors retaining copyright. In fact, this is the work for which the Community of Mawr is best known worldwide.

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totally agree


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Certainly agreed, especially as you covered the costs of typesetting. I would suggest something like: “Edited and Collated by Horst Eckardt”

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What do you think about writing my name as editor in addition to the
authors on the book title? I invested remarkable time in gathering and
typesetting the contributions, my friends told me that this would be


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